Gary Swain

Chief Instructor Gary Swain teaches all classes.  Gary  started his martial arts training in 1973.  His instructor is Master Yutaka Yaguchi, with whom he has been training for almost 44 years.  Gary has had to privilege of training with many of the world famous Masters.  These include Master Nakayama, Master Okazaki, Masters Tanaka, Osaka, Shiina, Ochi, Miura, Kanazawa, Okamoto, Takashina, Koyama and Mikami.  

His accomplishments include:

  • 8th Dan ISKF
  • Certified Graduate of the ISKF Instructor Training Course
  • Member -ShihanKai (Master Committee)
  • ISKF Technical Committee Member 
  • Chairman-Mt. States Technical Committee
  • Regional Director- MT. States Region-ISKF

Gary has been teaching and training children and adults in the Denver Metro area since 1987.     

Irene Bowden

Irene helps assist and teach in classes and handles dojo communications.

Her accomplishments include:

4th Dan ISKF
ISKF Certified Instructor,  Examiner and Judge

Hy Dreksler

Hy assists on all of the Youth classes and some of the Junior classes.  He also trains 4 times a week in a regular karate class.  He is an invaluable asset to the dojo.  

His accomplishments include:

5th Dan ISKF
National competitor in individual competition
Still going strong as an octogenarian

Hy started training in 1973 in New York. 

Maria Mullen

Maria assists in the Junior classes and teaches the adult classes periodically.  Her bubbly personality and sense of humor add life to any class she attends. 

Her accompishments include:

3rd Dan ISKF

Maria has been training almost 16 years with Sensei Swain
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